Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Citizen Hughes

TitleCitizen Hughes
AuthorMichael Drosnin
Location2nd Floor Humanities, CT275.H6678 D74 2004 
RatingSomewhat Recommended
Book ReviewI wanted to know more about Howard Hughes the American Icon, and chose this book because it has reviews of representing the truth throughout.  This was a very tedious read but it really gave a full picture of HH. The book is based upon his own memos and letters written (he rarely used a telephone or spoke to anyone directly) over 30-40 years. All these memos were then stolen in 1974. This book subsequently drew on all these memos (many trunks full), and many of them are featured in the book. I won’t reveal any secrets by saying he was a billionaire who was a profoundly mentally ill recluse and a heavy drug user who tried (sometimes very successfully) to buy many, many politicians, the city of Las Vegas, the state of Nevada and the United States.
Submitted ByLinda Corcoran
Department or MajorAnderson Center

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