Wednesday, June 14, 2017

World War Z

TitleWorld War Z
AuthorMax Brooks
Call NumberPS3602.R6445 W67 2013
Location2nd Floor Humanities
RatingHighly Recommended
Book ReviewOk, I know I've been reading this for like 2 months but I'm hoping it still counts :)  I finally finished!
Great read!  Slightly terrifying though because it's written as real life accounts of people before, during and after the Zombie Apocalypse.  I found it super interesting how different people from different parts of the world dealt with the war. It was also very, very realistic and makes you think. This is nothing like the movie I've been told (haven't seen the movie). We had a book club a couple of months ago and I really enjoyed chatting about this book. A truly great book for a book club and lots of discussion.
Submitted ByJami McCoy
Department or MajorAdvancement

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