Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The Door

TitleThe Door
AuthorMagda Szabo
Call NumberPH 3351 .S592 A7413 2015
Location2nd Floor Humanities
RatingHighly Recommended
Book ReviewThis is not a book for everyone.  The two main characters, a novelist and her housekeeper, are not particularly likable, though both are bizarrely sympathetic.  The housekeeper, Emerence, is larger-than-life, and indeed, often feels like a fairy tale character, moving between a benevolent fairy godmother and a raging Rumplestiltskin.  These are things about the book that you'll either love or hate.  For me, they created a beautiful and terrible narrative, but they might not for everyone.
Submitted BySamantha Dressel
Department or MajorEnglish
Chapman Emailsdressel@chapman.edu

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