Thursday, August 18, 2016

An anthropologist on Mars

An anthropologist on Mars : seven paradoxical tales
Oliver Sacks
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RC351 .S1948 1995  
3rd Floor Science and Technology
Highly Recommended
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Oliver Sachs was perhaps the world’s most famous modern neurologist, at least to the general audience. His writing style is entertaining yet based in solid research. An Anthropologist on Mars is not exactly beach reading, but is written for a general audience. The footnotes and references are extensive and his observations are always tied to previous studies on similar cases. I thoroughly enjoyed reading these seven case studies, each of which focused on people with neurological conditions (i.e.., Tourette’s, autism, amnesia, and total colorblindness). Sachs writes not just about the symptoms of each person, but about their lives, their creativity, and the way people interact with the world around them.
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