Friday, June 3, 2016

The Japanese Lover

The Japanese Lover
Isabel Allende
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1st Floor McNaughton
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The story begins with three diverse families before the U.S. enters  World War II. A wealthy American family (Balasco) takes in an orphaned girl cousin from Hungary (Alma) whose brother has left to fight in the army for Europe. The Balascos also hire a Japanese family to help turn their San Francisco estate grounds into a world class garden. Alma and the youngest son of the Japanese family, (Ishi) enjoy going to school together and playing until he and his family are interned in a Utah barracks. Life goes on...marriages, children, life work. Struggles are detailed in letters between Alma and Ishi. They eventually meet again and rekindle their love. Secrets are kept, troubles ignored until Almas grandchild begins to write a book about the Belasco family tree.  Alma eventually tells all.
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