Wednesday, July 5, 2017

The Cavendon Luck

The Cavendon Luck
Barbara Taylor Bradford
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1st Floor McNaughton
Somewhat Recommended
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This is the third book in the Cavendon series. This is a series I would recommend for people who are fans of Downton Abbey. The first book in the series is set in Edwardian England and is also about a landed family (similar to Downton). This third tale in the series is a bit further in the family's history, taking place during WWII. It tells the story of various family members and how their lives are effected by war. The novel seems to be a bridge novel in the series, as it touches on many of the same story lines as the previous two novels. I am interested to see what direction a 4th novel may go in.
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Jessica Bower
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Leatherby Libraries
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