Thursday, July 13, 2017

DC: The New Frontier

TitleDC: The New Frontier
AuthorDarwyn Cooke
Call NumberPN6727.C588 D4 2016
Location1st Floor Graphic Novel
Book Review  Imagine being able to completely reinvent a mythology by yourself. That's essentially what the late Darwyn Cooke did with this book, a complete re-telling of the beginnings of the DC Comics universe. Set with the atomic age as a background, we see the golden age of DC characters meet the silver age characters, as the world stands on the precipice of a New Frontier (as quoted liberally from the incredible JFK speech of the same name).
  While the story reads like The Right Stuff with superheroes, it's the artwork that is truly the star of the book. Cooke's art style is absolutely rooted in the classic Jack Kirby school, but completely updated and articulated in ways that are hard to describe. Dave Stewart's colors pop (as always), and the story feels like it could've been produced in 1964 or 2005, when it was actually published. Even if you're not a fan of DC comics, do yourself a favor and flip through these pages just to see what I'm talking about. It's so rare to see something so rooted in tradition updated so beautifully.
Submitted ByCotton Coslett
Department or MajorLeatherby Libraries

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