Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Casanova was a librarian : a light-hearted look at the profession

TitleCasanova was a librarian : a light-hearted look at the profession
AuthorKathleen Low
Call NumberZ665 .L69 2007
Location2nd Floor Social Sciences
RatingSomewhat Recommended
Book ReviewThis book is exactly what it's subtitle says, a light-hearted look into the librarian profession. The book isn't terrible long and split into 11 chapters. The book begins with a list of famous librarians, moves into some facts about the profession and the remaining chapters are examples in librarians in pop culture. Chapters include librarian jokes, librarians in movies, and even a chapter on clothing and accessories marketed to librarians. This book is a light read and great for those who work outside the field to get a glimpse into it, but fails to give proper time to the profession and instead quickly moves into a series of loosely connected chapters which go on for too long. It redeems itself a little bit at the end, but overall I would not recommend it unless you wanted a light read about librarianship for the afternoon.
Submitted ByNicholas D'Andrea
Department or MajorLeatherby Libraries
Chapman Emaildandrea@chapman.edu

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