Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Buffy the Vampire Slayer - The Long Way Home

TitleBuffy the Vampire Slayer - The Long Way Home
AuthorJoss Whedon
Call NumberPN6728.B84 W44 2007
Location1st Floor Graphic Novel
RatingSomewhat Recommended
Book ReviewI loved the Buffy TV series.  When I found out they were continuing the series as a comic book, I was all in.  I own every individual comic.  What I didn't do was actually read those comics. At first it was because I wanted to wait until I could binge read.  Then it was because life wouldn't let me squeeze them in.  Anyway....I picked up the graphic novel hoping to get on track.  Unfortunately, I didn't enjoy the book!  It was a rehash of old characters and missing Joss' usually amazing dialogue.  Maybe I've outgrown that world - it has been 20+ years since it started!  Try it if you are a fan, but it's certainly not for anyone else.  (I promise this is my last graphic novel review unless the library gets Saga 7....)
Submitted ByRobin Pendergraft
Department or MajorSCST
Chapman Emailpendergr@chapman.edu

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