Monday, June 19, 2017


AuthorCheryl Strayed
Call NumberPS 3619 .T744 Z46 2013
Location2nd Floor Humanities
Book ReviewWild is an intimate look at some of the most trying and compelling moments of Strayed's life conveyed through her mastering of the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT). Her matter-of-fact, tell it like it is approach to her struggles with addiction, promiscuity, abandonment, the death of her mother and the disintegration of her family makes the reader assimilate rather than adjudicate. We've all been there-unsure of our choices, wanting to break free from the ties that bind and the decisions that waylay. Throughout her journey, Strayed struggles with the weight of her pack, Monster, but even more so under the weight of her own complex emotions as she tries to rectify who she was with who she is becoming; all while navigating the path to self-enlightenment.
Submitted ByMeagan Maureen O'Shea
Department or MajorDodge College

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