Thursday, July 21, 2016

Less Than Zero

Less Than Zero
Bret Easton Ellis
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PS3555.L5937 L4 1986
2nd Floor Humanities
Highly Recommended
Book Review
In the summer, I always try to re-read a favorite. This year I turned back to "Less Than Zero". The book looks at the indulgent lifestyles of affluent youth during the 80s. Strictly a work of fiction, this book primarily follows the lives of three friends, each struggling with their own set of problems as they begin life in the adult world. Often compared with "Catcher in the Rye", this book is a fun read for those of us that lived our early twenties during the 1980's. I still think this was by far, Ellis' best work. None of his catalog compares to it, in my opinion. Take this one with you to the beach!
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Jeff Brouwer
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