Monday, August 17, 2015

Fresh Fruit, Broken Bodies

Fresh Fruit, Broken Bodies
Holmes, Seth M.
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HD 1525 .H685 2013
2nd Floor Social Sciences
Highly Recommended
Book Review
The author is a physician and anthropologist who lived and worked with Triqui migrant farm workers from Oaxaca Mexico for 5 years, in both Mexico and the US. The book covers financial and physical hardships experienced; dangers and fear while border crossing, and the multiple layers of discrimination (Spanish is not the Triqui peoples first language) encountered. Holmes provides a warm incite into the Triqui people and explanations as to why it is necessary for border crossings to continue. This book provides the reader with a better appreciate for the people who provide so much of our food; a must read for anyone who consumes fruits and vegetables.
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Theresa Paulsrud
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