Monday, June 29, 2015

Being Dead

Being Dead
Jim Crace
Call Number
PR6053 .R228 B45 2000
2nd Floor Humanities
Highly Recommended
Book Review
The main characters in Crace’s novel are dead from page one, murdered and left spread-eagled behind a sand dune, the husband’s hand barely touching his wife’s calf. The novel is a vivid exploration of death in all of its ugliness and beauty. As the lovers are scavenged and begin the harrowing process of decay, Crace weaves in the story of their life. This is a book that does not shy away from the process of death; indeed, the grotesquerie is overt, and the reader is asked to peek beneath the sheet at the real face of senseless death.
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Lugene Rosen
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Leatherby LIbraries

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