Monday, August 25, 2014

Without a tear: Our tragic relationship with animals

Title: Without a tear: Our tragic relationship with animals
Author: Bernstein, Mark H.
Call Number: HV 4708 .B47 2004
Location: 2nd Floor Social Sciences
Rating: Recommended
Book Review: Tear ducts in humans are different than those in animals: animals cannot cry.  If they could, Bernstein proposes the ethics of people would change and a reexamination of how humans and animals are valued would occur.  People would then willingly make changes in their personal lives to stop the gratuitious suffering they now unwittingly impose on animals. Berstein covers the areas of factory farming and animal experimentation (vivisection) without disturbing graphics, as well as animal law and the history of oppression for both animals and women.  Bernstein would like this book to be a "wake-up" call for humanity.  Oh, if only it were that simple!    
Submitted By: Theresa Paulsrud
Department: Leatherby Libraries
Status: Staff

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