Friday, August 8, 2014

The Lais of Marie de France

Title: The Lais of Marie de France
Author: Burgess, G. S. and Busby, K
Call Number: PQ1494.L3 E5 1986 
Location: 2nd Floor Arts and Humanities
Rating: Highly Recommended
Book Review: Marie de France was a 12th century medieval poet who wrote about courtly love in the highest regard of medieval culture through lais, which are short stories that were originally written in Old French and in couplets. This translated prose version includes twelve lais and makes for a fun summer read. Themes of love, loyalty, and betrayal can be found in each lay. Some of my favorites include: Bisclavret–the tale of the werewolf; Lanval–a tale of how seeing really is believing; Laüstic–the tale of the Nightingale; and Equitan–a tale of how a bath can be deadly.

Submitted By: Cori Schmidtbauer
Department: Leatherby Libraries
Status: Staff

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