Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Never Go Back

Title: Never Go Back
Author: Lee Child
Call Number: McNaughton
Location: 1st Floor McNaughton
Rating: Recommended
Book Review: If you can wipe the image of diminutive Tom Cruise playing Jack Reacher onscreen and focus on Cobin’s 6’5” retired MP Officer, this book is a thrill ride. It takes up after Cobin’s last outing, 61 Hours, where Reacher talked to the new head of his old unit, Susan. From there, Cobin doesn’t miss a step as he puts Reacher through his paces, making him the focus of a frame-up and allowing him to kick ass and take names while he solves a political mystery, faces the prospect that he may have a child, attempts to start a romance, and saves the day. It is great literature? No. Is it a great summer read with a charismatic lead character busting heads? You betcha.  
Department: Leatherby Libraries
Status: Staff
Submitted By:Lugene Rosen

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